It's hiking season.

summer season from 24. June - 16. October!

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Meetings & Incentives

It was never our intention to become a traditional meeting hotel. But that might be the reason why so many entrepreneurs and companies appreciate the hotel’s relaxed and casual atmosphere. When organizing special company celebrations, team outings and team building activities, the independence of rigid office space and a detachment from the daily grind are of the utmost importance. But even for classic PowerPoint presentations and workshops we offer a spacious conference room with natural light, beamer, laptop connectivity, sound system and flip charts. However, don’t be surprised if coffee breaks are set-up in the charming hunting parlor next to it. Good thing, that we are not a classic meeting hotel after all.

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Possible activities

  • Ski tours
  • Rafting
  • Guided hikes
  • Mountain biking
  • Wine tastings
  • Kitchen classes
  • Golf tournaments
  • Car Rallies
  • Fonde evenings at the Stube