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9th Lech Classic Festival


The Lech Classic Festival has become a success story and already belongs the most important cultural events in Vorarlberg. Selected musicians from top European orchestras accompany international, renowned vocal and instrumental soloists.

This year’s festival will be dedicated to the compositions of Ludwig van Beethoven, as we celebrate his 250th birthday. Performances include operas with works that have such meaningful music, that there is no need for theatrical performances. The opera Fidelio is a very good example for this concept.

Program Video

  • 03. August 2020

    Opening Concert - Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 - 1827)

  • 04. August 2020

    “Fate is knocking on your door

    5 p.m. - New Church Lech

  • 05. August 2020


    5 p.m. - New Church Lech

  • 06. August 2020

    “The yearning Beethoven”

    5 p.m. - New Church Lech

  • 07. August 2020

    “Dear nameless Joy”

    5 p.m. - New Church Lech

  • 08. August 2020

    “Ode to joy”

    5 p.m. - New Church Lech