summer season:

21 June - 12 October 2024

Immerse yourself in art

Lech's Skyspace by James Turrell


Stopping to look up and gaze at the sky always offers a different perspective. Imagine a place built entirely for this purpose; Lech’s very own art installation-meets-observatory, on the doorstep of Arlberg.

If you’re wondering where to find the magic, look no further than the small hill above the high alpine landscape of Lech, world-famous American artist James Turrell structured a curious lightroom where sky and earth appear to encounter one another in constantly changing illusions as the sun rises and sets. Turrell selected the location “Tannegg”, 1780 meters above sea level reached by a short hiking trail above the mountain station of the Schlosskopfbahn all year round.

Once inside the “sensing room,” visitors find themselves in a space captivated in light that cycles through saturated purples, pinks, and blues. At the top of the dome, a window 30 feet in diameter looks out onto sky. Glancing back through the entrance, the precisely positioned doorway creates a frame for the nearby peak

Discover this incredible art piece by yourself or join one of the guided tours during sunrise and sunset.