Spa showers

Experience water like never before


Not all water is the same. Gentle raindrops, a powerful cascade, or the soft embrace of a stream of water are just some of the forms in which the element takes effect. The new experience showers in collaboration with Dornbracht at the Arlberg Spa create multi sensory water experiences that can be felt on many levels. Thanks to the use of temperature, pressure, light and even scents, it is possible to recharge the element with unexpected effects and moods, playing an important role in holistic health philosophies, whether Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) or Kneipp therapy.

Horizontal shower

Experience a fascinating water massage while reclining. The horizontal shower unveils a new feeling of relaxation, emphasizing on the release of tension through six water bars that are recessed above the reclining area and controlled individually. Stress disappears with the water, and your body and mind feel noticeably revitalised.


A spa experience for the soul. There is almost no other way to describe it. Seamlessly integrated into the ceiling, a water dome wraps your body in a protective cocoon, being embraced in its powerful cascade or gently, almost weightless drops on you like a natural phenomenon.

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Sensory Sky

Various types of rain, fog, lights and even scents combined create unique choreographies inspired by weather phenomena and moods in nature. The generously dimensioned rain sky brings the perfection of nature into the Arlberg Spa. Thus, the Sensory Sky offers horizontal water as well as high-pressure water from above, and the option to indulge in chroma therapy and aromatherapy for an immersive shower.