Let's ski again!

Traveling with children


Those traveling to Lech with children needn’t worry about obstacles; we are happy to assist. We’ll find the right rooms for your family, hire a babysitter or enrol your kids in the correct class at the ski school. Thanks to decades of experience, our team have got everything covered and in check. Spacious and well-equipped room and suite layouts with separate lounges, connecting doors and extra bedding ensure that parents have the right amount of privacy and confidence to retreat and relax at Arlberg. During the winter season, our in-house kids club with professional child care from 3pm - 9pm is included in the room rate. Delightfully, our younger guests often form life-long friendships with other kids at the hotel - we call it the Arlberg family.

A mountain summer with children

The summit as the objective of a hike is only of importance to children once they have reached it. Along the way, the trail itself has plenty of exciting surprises in store: Animal tracks can be seen in the soft soil, marmots and chamois that can be observed if you keep very still, there are stones in different colours and shapes, and even petrified squid can be discovered along the Rüfikopf mountain’s geological trails.

Lech card: family activities included

Our children's adventure programme is particularly popular with the little ones during their summer holidays. From Monday to Friday, 4 to 14 year olds set off on a variety of adventures in our mountain environment. From archery to climbing on the Rüfikopf mountain, canyoning or a visit to the adventure camp, everything is included. At the weekend parents can go on adventures together with their children. All this is possible thanks to the Lech Card.