Let's ski again!

Chasing clowds on the suspension bridge


In time long past, witches and wizards were thought to possess magical powers, enabling them to float through the air from castle to castle with the greatest of ease. Today, you can emulate them by crossing the record breaking suspension footbridge “Highline179” that connects the remarkable Ehrenberg Castle Ensemble with the remains of the 17th-century Roman Fortress Claudia in the market town of Reutte. “Highline179” is considered the world’s longest “Tibet-style suspension footbridge” by Guinness World Records. Budding knights, brave squires and damsels of the castle will have to challenge themselves to make it across the 406-meter long, swaying bridge at a dizzying height of 114 meters, linking the historic relics with stunning mountains and valleys always in sight—not for the faint of heart! Those who dare can open their eyes and enjoy unforgettable views. Only flying is more beautiful.

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