summer season:

21 June - 12 October 2024

A soulful place

A soulful retreat


To truly retreat is so much more than checking in and winding down. It requires character and comfort with unmistakable spirit. Call us old-fashioned, but we believe in the lores of hospitality and traditions; that is, taking care of our guests beyond some of today’s casual standards. Our ethos harks back to our forebears in 1956, when grandparents Johann and Helga Schneider built a home where locals could meet and travelers were invited in together. Look out for bears in the atmospheric Jagdhof building.

For the creators of this long-lasting community through to the people that continue to breathe life into the locale today, the Arlberg is busting with life’s meaningful encounters. Whether they make you yodel in joy or breath more deeply in meditation than ever before, the place encourages you to connect with loved ones and new comrades alike.

Rooms and suites

Doing things differently

Despite from a modest guest house to one of the leading five star hotels in Lech, the Arlberg is still our family home to this day. We humbly welcome you to our unique blend of familial hospitality amidst our little slice of heaven in the Austrian Alps.

Escape, indulge, make precious memories for life.