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winter season from 7. December - 11. April 2023


Susanne Kaufmann



We believe in the power of plants and the natural active ingredients they provide. Thus, we have partnered with local skin care specialist Susanne Kaufmann - renowned for her highly effective, yet natural skincare regime. The treatments counteract the signs of aging, reduce the effects of harmful environmental influences and relax the facial muscles. Fascia techniques, lymphatic drainage and deep tissue massage relieve tension, stimulate skin metabolism and transform the skin structure. The result a rejuvenated glowing skin.

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Harmonizing treatments release stress and the hustle of everyday life and bring the body back into the inner balance. Soothing massage techniques, warming oils and effective essences are the formulation for the highest form of well-being. Choose from a variety of techniques - from Swedish massages to full-body journeys of rejuvenation, herbal stamp massages and ayurvedic treatments.