summer season:

21 June - 12 October 2024

Schneider Family

Defining hospitality through three generations


The history of our hotel dates back to the 50s. At that time, it was Johann and Helga Schneider who laid the foundation with great courage and pioneering spirit. Growing up as a farmer’s boy in Lech, Kommerzialrat (an Austrian honorary title given by the chamber of commerce) Johann Schneider not only became a hotelier. As the town mayor for almost fifteen years, he vastly influenced the developments of Lech to become todays world-renowned resort. With the support of their son Hannes and his wife Christiane, the hotel was continuously expanded and updated. Today, the next chapter is defined by the third generation with Benjamin and Patrick. As much is changing, the Hotel Arlberg has always been marked by the enthusiasm and genuine hospitality of our family.

Sir Pauli

While staying with us, you might encounter our small but always confident Dachshund Pauli roaming the corridors or protecting the balconies. Secretly being his own hotel manager, he often makes sure that everything runs smoothly and that all guests are enjoying their stay. Amongst his favourite things are belly rubs, chasing squirrels and leaving traces in the snow.